Take your Time WoD, No ones waiting.. no one at all… zzz


Sorry for lack of updates, been busy on archeage 
Will post some archeage related gif/edits this or next week and get some WoW stuff rolling aswell. Have any questions? lemme know :)<3

Reblog if you’re bored and you want anons.




Yes, please


Kitkit's 250 follower give away!



Hey, guys! I’m giving 3 people the chance to win any pet their heart desires from the Blizz Store. You can only choose one, so pick carefully!

The rules are simple!

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Hey guys and Gals !

Hey all, Sorry for the lack of updates, been slaving away in beta trying to have a little play around on each class but mostly warrior as I main it. If you let me know what you’d like gif edits of I’ll go and do it asap. cheers :)

can you so some black temple screenshots or some nagrand shots from bc please?

Will do sometime this week when I get forced off beta :D <3x

two more gifs from the intro I’m making

was making a short intro to a future wow vid so thought id post them as gif forms aswell <3

Gladiator Stance Warrior - Beta


testing out glad stance warrior all day so thought i’d make a video.

tiffystapleton replied to your post “Ask away ;D”

Do you have any siblings!? I think if you had a sister, she’d be pretty cool…

If I had a sister, I think she’d talk about herself on post’s and consider herself “pretty cool”. -_-